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Consulting Vastu Experts: How They Can Help You Choose the Perfect Name

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Selecting the perfect name for your home is not merely a matter of personal choice but also can determine how well energy flows and everything blends together in your living space. Then there’s Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian practice. These are experts in Vastu who can guide you through picking a name that will bring good luck backed by this traditional science.

According to the recent research conducted by the Indian Council of Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER), more than 60% of urban households in India consider Vastu principles when buying or building new homes. This shows that Vastu is becoming relevant in the real estate sector as demand for Vastu consultants is increasing.

In this blog by Indian Estate Group (IEG), the leading real estate consultants in India, we will go through the seven important things that should be known about consulting Vastu experts while searching for an ideal house name:

Vastu Name for House: Things to Note

1. Significance of Names

In Vastu Shastra, from letter to syllable up to sound everything carries a different vibration and energy. According to Vastu experts, the name of your house can affect the positive or negative energies that could be flowing within it. The right name can attract wealth, happiness and prosperity while on the flip side, an ill-fated one may bring about misfortunes.

2. Planetary Influences Considered

Vastu consultants observe where planets are in relation to houses and how these positions affect the dwellers of a home. They look at homeowners’ birth charts (Kundali) and come up with names that sync with the favourable planetary constellations. This ensures that you are not only calling your house something pleasant sounding but rather will have its cosmic energies in harmony promoting general well-being and success for all concerned parties.

3. Numerology in Vastu Shastra

In Vastu Shastra, numerology is very significant. In a name, there are letters which have been given numerical values by the vastu practitioners and add them all up to give a final number. They also evaluate this number’s meaning and suggest names with favourable numbers said to be good for attracting positive energy into different aspects of life like wealth, health or relationships.

4. Directional Influence Analysis

Vastu Shastra highlights the importance of orientation which affects how energies flow through a building. The orientation of the house (Brahma Mukhya) is taken into consideration by experts in vastu who then come up with names that match the particular energy associated with it. By doing this, they believe that harmony will prevail thereby ensuring prosperity and health for those living in such homes.

5. Personalizing the Name Selection Process

Not only do experienced Vastu consultants adhere to Vastu Shastra, but they also consider clients’ personal preferences and cultural backgrounds. They work closely with clients so that they can understand their unique requirements thus providing names that are in line with Vastu principles but also resonate with their individual identities and aspirations.

6. Addressing Specific Challenges or Goals

Experts in Vastu Shastra can customize their name recommendations as per specific challenges or goals faced by property owners. For example, if an individual is having financial problems, the consultant might suggest a title believed to invite fortune and prosperity in life. In addition, a couple experiencing infertility could be advised on names that promote reproduction and harmony within a home. Accordingly, this custom approach allows for a more focused and meaningful resolution.

7. Continuity and Consistency

When a property is being remodelled or changing significantly, a Vastu consultant will advise whether to keep the old name or choose a new one. They take into account such factors as the history and energy associated with the existing name, as well as any shifts in vibration that may occur as a result of the restructuring process. This brings about continuity in the flow of energy through space while retaining what’s positive and redressing any possible imbalances.


In summary, it is important to consider consulting Vastu experts for help in naming your house. Using their knowledge in Vastu Shastra, numerology and astrology can help you to select a name which besides sounding pleasant harmonizes well with cosmic forces leading to improved wellness for all members of the family.

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