Understanding the Creative Process of Commercial Video Production

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Understanding the Art & Impact of Commercial Video Production in the Digital Era

Creativity is the central attraction of all production houses in the digital realm. If you want to make an everlasting impact on your users and clients then you need to explore creative video solutions. In the fast-evolving age of social media, a reliable video production company is your best friend. Whether you’re an emerging brand or an established business, you need video production services more often than you know.

The artistic impression of creative video solutions can’t be obtained without the creative insights of video production agencies. You may be wondering why we call it an art when there are scientific implications attached to the process. Well, to answer this query we’ve curated this article. If you read this article till the end, you’ll get answers to most of your queries. If not, then you can still count on us to explain more.

Synapse is one such commercial video production agency located in the heart of Dubai, providing exceptional services to a diverse clientele all around the world. Your extraordinary story deserves an extraordinary visual representation so that you can make a mark on the hearts and minds of your audience. The reach and return of commercial videos have increased by manifolds in recent times. This is all because this kind of content is highly engaging and retains attention.

There is a wide range of video types that a creative agency can produce on your or your brand’s behalf. The scale of production depends on the type of required video. It also goes on to decide the production timeline and budget, etc. This blog will shed some light on the creative process and impact of commercial video production.

Creative Video Solutions: A Complete Process

Video production is not a linear process and it definitely doesn’t follow a standard procedure. The agents maintain variations and adjustments according to the specific requirements of each project. They keep the unique needs and demands of each client in their minds while visually representing their stories and ideas. Why do we believe that it’s important to understand the process of commercial video production? There are many reasons to do so.

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Video production gained its popularity as a way of creative self-expression for emerging talents and slowly developed into a way of marketing. Yes, you read that right. Creative video solutions are one of the best and fastest ways of achieving marketing targets. This is the reason why so many businesses and marketing agents rely on agencies like Synapse to meet their work targets.  Let’s dive into the process of this creative journey;

Initial Stage OR Pre-Production

Do you think the initial stage begins with an idea? Well, rethink that because before the ideation comes a creative brief on the requirements of a project or client. To build a narrative, multiple scriptwriters brainstorm and come up with various ideas. Out of which, an idea is finalized in line with the requirements stated by the client and a script is originated. In the process of providing creative video solutions, concept development holds a significant place as the central idea depends on it. Beginning work without a compelling script is just a waste.

Middle Stage OR Production

We can include everything done prior to the video post-production in the middle stage. The phase of excessive planning and coordination comes before the production stage where locations, talent, and schedules are decided. When the production phase begins the content is shot. This is the phase of commercial video production where cameras start to roll and everyone comes into action. The team captures the content carefully according to the designed storyboard. This is where the director’s role turns magic into actual design.

Final Stage or Video Post-Production

The process of commercial video production doesn’t end with the production of a creative video. Instead, a new phase begins at the end of production which we call the video post-production stage. With raw shots in hand, editors begin to put their creative efforts into effect. They add special audio/visual effects including color grading and fine-tuning to enhance the quality of the video and make it ready for distribution. If there’s a requirement, they’ll also add animations and other special effects at this stage.

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The video is then delivered to the client in their preferred file format when it’s ready for distribution. The video production agency can also distribute the video content on various channels on the client’s demand. We’ve made the video production process seem so easy to you but it requires extensive experience to deliver a smooth process. So, you must trust a reliable name like SynapseTalent for all your creative video solutions to have a seamless experience

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