6 Beautiful Places to Visit in Al Namas

6 Beautiful Places to Visit in Al Namas

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When traveling from Abha to Al Baha, it is essential to make a stop at the stunning Al Namas for a quick rest. Situated 120 kilometers north of Abha, above sea level at 2,500 meters, the beautiful terrain provides breathtaking views of Tihama’s coastal regions and lush green highlands. Even in the sweltering Saudi summer heat, Al Namas has decent weather. Tucked away amid Saudi Arabia’s breathtaking scenery, Al Namas is an undiscovered treasure just waiting to be discovered. Cool rains, fog, and comfortable temperatures distinguish Al Namas’s year-round agreeable weather. Al Namas is well-known for its peaceful rural lifestyle and unpretentious residents who work in traditional occupations like farming and agriculture. There are a variety of outdoor pursuits available to visitors, such as camping in forests and mountain climbing. Select an Umrah packages from USA that includes a visit to Al Namas.

  1. Wadi Nazzer

A stunning community renowned for its rich cultural heritage and unspoiled beauty. It contains beautiful mountains, sparkling streams, and an abundance of flora throughout the valley. The valley is an ideal destination for nature lovers for those looking for peace among mountains and streams. Various activities are available for visitors including hiking, camping, and a host of other outdoor pursuits. A well-known tourist destination, the valley is also site to many historic sites and ruins.

The breathtaking natural beauty known as Wadi Nazzer, or “Valley of Light,” is truly amazing. Families, newlywed couples, and lone travelers can all find the ideal atmosphere for reflection and relaxation in the breathtaking valley views. Numerous affordable motels are located close to Wadi Nazzer for those who like to explore it. If you want to remain close to the stunning valley, get a hotel reservation in advance in your Cheap December Umrah Packages from United States of America.

  1. Al Megar Village Tourist Resort

Perched at a height of 2400 m above sea level above the summit. Beautiful views of the mountains that surround may be seen from the settlement. There is a stunning historical landmark that may be seen by taking a stroll around the village’s lovely paths. Cheap December Umrah Packages can be booked for performance of Umrah along with the Al-Namas. the performance of the Umrah along with the The palace the most popular tourist destination in Al Namas and is home to a stunning Islamic archeological edifice. Building the captivating location took thirty-five years. There are stunning locations in the village that you must explore at your leisure and become fully immersed in the history and culture of the area.

  1. Jabal Mareer

At 2,400 meters, Jabal Mareer, often known as “Mirror Mountain,” is the most prominent point in Al Namas and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Many people are drawn to this stunning peak every year. Hikers can enjoy a demanding but rewarding hike on the magnificent Jabal Mareer mountain thanks to its well-marked paths. At the summit of the mountain, take in the breathtaking panoramic vistas that will enthrall you. On a sunny day, it’s easy to see the Red Sea gleaming in the distance. Owing to its position atop the highest mountain, the Jaba Mareer is a stargazer’s paradise. During the night, the starry sky becomes a tapestry made of innumerable stars and stellar objects.

The splendor of the world allows you to be enthralled by the Milky Way’s splendor. For those looking for a way out in the middle of Al Namas, Jabal Mareer guarantees an amazing experience, whether it’s because of the breathtaking views or the cool mountain air.

  1. King Fahad Dam

The area around King Fahad Dam is one of the most famous features of the magnificent Al Namas scenery. The biggest dam in Saudi Arabia was first opened in 1988 under the name Bisha Dam. Nestled amidst undulating hills and beautiful lakes is this amazing treasure. It is the ideal getaway from the routine of city life. There is a wonderful fusion of splendor and human creativity, whether you choose to take an easy walk around the dam or enjoy a serene boat ride. A picnic can be had in one of the many approved locations, or visitors can bike or take a long walk around the Dam to get some fresh air.

  1. Turban Palace

While exploring the stunning Turban Palace, capture the moments of energy. Situated in the center of Al Namas, this magnificent monument got its name from its unusual architectural turban-like shape. For generations, the Al Aqeel family governed the region, and their summer retreat used to be the palace. It is quite amazing to see the palace. Mudbrick, a long-used and enduring building supply in the area, is used to construct its structure. A monument to the expert craftsmanship of the artists working on the palace is the geometric patterns displayed in the exquisite carvings on the walls. It is worth seeing because it features the conventional architectural aesthetic of the area on full display.

  1. Sadreed Mosque 

Don’t forget to stop by Al Namas, the spiritual sanctuary. One of the most ancient and historically significant mosques in the area is this hallowed place. The mosque was constructed in 787 using ancient rocks and mud. However, the mosque is now among the top sights in Al Namas thanks to recent renovations. Enter the mosque and be surrounded by a deep sense of tranquility. Conduct prayers in the roomy prayer hall, which is decorated with exquisite geometric designs and calligraphic artwork. Al Namas’s enduring Islamic heritage and culture are demonstrated by the Sadreed Mosque.


Explorers can get an amazing experience from Al Namas’s captivating beauty and unique combination of cultural and natural treasures. Every stop in the gorgeous region offers picturesque vistas and reveals a different side of the region, from the medieval sacred site of the Sadreed Mosque to the breathtaking nature of Wadi Nazzer. There are stunning vistas and good weather in Al-Namas, which guarantees an enriching voyage full of enduring experiences, regardless of whether you are an experienced traveler or an inquisitive first-time discovery. With December Umrah Packages from USA, you can include this undiscovered jewel into your trip itinerary for a thrilling trip that goes beyond the typical and promises a tapestry of discoveries and memories in the center of Saudi Arabia.


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