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Understanding Types of Marketing Collateral Design

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Marketing Collaterals are the branding assets used by businesses for various purposes. The reasons why businesses use branding assets are as follows:

  1. One of the significant purposes of marketing collateral is to develop brand awareness.
  2. Marketing collaterals are also used to inform the customers about the business’s products and services.
  3. In addition to spreading brand awareness, marketing collateral is also used to create brand loyalty, which increases the chances of audience retention.
  4. Marketing collaterals are also used for rebranding purposes, especially for established businesses. When a firm plans to redefine its values, marketing collateral can be used to communicate the new or modified mission, vision, values, and objectives.

Why is it important to learn about marketing collateral? You might be wondering. Well, as entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers, leveraging the power of marketing collateral helps you attain objectives such as lead generation, boosting brand awareness, and increasing sales to broaden the customer base.

Furthermore, there are various types of marketing collaterals that you can use for varying purposes. Fortunately, we are here to enhance your understanding of marketing collaterals, their types, and best practices, so let’s start.

Types of Marketing Collateral and Their Purpose

What type of marketing collateral your business should use depends on several factors, such as the stage of the customer journey, your business’s industrial positioning, marketing budgets, and target audience preference and activities. Let’s examine and determine the different types of marketing collateral.

1.   Blog Post

Blog posts are digital marketing collateral that is used for various purposes. The relevant pointers about their purposes and benefits are as follows:

  • Blog posts are preferable when customers are at the initial stage of their journey, where the aim is to create awareness.
  • What makes blog posts unique is their tone. As they are informational and educational, this makes the messaging more compelling for the audience and, hence, easier to comprehend.
  • Blog posts can also be used to guide customers through product usage, making them a subtle tool for tutorials.
  • Blog posts can also help your business build authority in the industry. With the help of blog posts, your business would be transmitting information and knowledge. Hence, people would be quick to acknowledge your business’s expertise, eventually helping your business gain trust and build credibility among the target audience.

Apart from the purposes, blog posts offer many benefits for the business, for example:

  • Startups and small businesses with budget restrictions can leverage blog posts as these are among the inexpensive marketing collaterals.
  • Blog posts are also a catalyst for gaining higher SERP (Search Engine Result Page Ranking) if the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is done right. They help your website gain a prime position in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

2.   Brochures

Brochures present information about the business, products, and services quickly and simplistically, as promotional documents and brochures contain informational snippets. The vital purposes for which the brochures are used are as follows:

  1. Brochures present convince the customers of this concise information, hence making it easier for the target audience to read through the whole document.
  2. Most brochures have appealing designs that give them an appealing outlook. This allows them to easily gauge the target audience and optimize the messaging.

Now, coming onto the benefits of brochures, these are the essential ones you need to know:

  1. Again, brochures are cost-effective marketing collateral. Hence, it presents viability for the business regarding brand, product, or service promotion.
  2. Brochures are also effective for reaching a wide audience, as they can be printed in mass quality and distributed among a large target audience.


When designing the brochures, it is necessary to ensure that essential marketing collateral design protocols are followed. These include ensuring brand consistency, using high-quality visuals, and keeping messaging aligned with the business’s goals.

3.   Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the most widely used marketing collaterals for lead generation. These are stand-alone pages with CTAs and information regarding products and services aimed at generating leads.

Purpose of Landing Pages As Marketing Collaterals

The primary purpose of landing pages is to generate leads. For this reason, these have multiple CTA’s, are product or service-centric, and have a persuasive tone.

What makes landing pages unique is that, in addition to their product and service-centric tone, they are also customer and audience-centric.

Let’s now have a look at the benefits of landing pages; here are these:

The most essential benefit of landing pages is that they help the business boost its lead conversion.

As only a certain product and service is being promoted on the landing page, it helps the messaging to be relevant and audience centric.


As you create landing pages for your products or services, the key consideration is that you need to showcase your offerings’ USP. While composing the content, the heading must be eye-catching. Lastly, as your landing page will be visited on several devices, it is necessary to ensure optimal responsiveness across devices such as mobiles, PCs, etc.


Having thoroughly explored marketing collaterals, you now know the importance, purpose, and benefits of essential marketing collaterals. Apart from the above in the list, some other marketing collateral include New Letters, Whitepapers, Direct Mail, and eBooks.

We have done our part to inform you about marketing collateral. You must be intrigued to use these to grow your business recognition and promote your products and service offerings for your target audience; as you would be doing so, it is necessary to seek out and leverage the services of marketing collateral designing agencies, like SMB Services.

SMB Services is a renowned marketing collateral designing agency that has numerous service offerings for designing and creating marketing collateral. They house marketing-savvy employees. Their services list includes designing sell sheets, brochures, business cards, and packaging design. Grab the services offerings of SMB now, to uplift your brand recognition and skyrocket your sales.

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