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Radiofrequency technology combined with microneedling is how the Morpheus8 device, a fractional resurfacing instrument, promotes the creation of collagen. Deeper skin layers are the focus of an anti-ageing process that occurs naturally as the skin’s building units rearrange themselves. The dermis sustains little to no damage during this process, and the outcome is remarkably consistent.

Using subdermal adipose remodelling and radiofrequency energy, the Morpheus8 New York City microneedling device sculpts and reshapes the face and body. Deep skin and fat penetration are achieved with this fractional treatment, giving the illusion of smoother, more refined skin. PRP and Morpheus8 Manhattan can be used together for the best effects!

How does Morpheus8 Manhattan operate?

Unlike traditional RF devices, which harm needle enzymes in the skin, fractional microneedle RF technology uses needle enzymes to penetrate the skin. Only the surface layer of polymer-coated microneedles is active, causing only very thin tissue layers to expand.

This enables you to generate a noticeable response in the form of dermal remodelling and warm the skin more intensely without running the danger of burns. Collagen fibres constrict as a result of the elevated temperature, producing an immediate lifting action. Important components of the dermal intercellular matrix, such as collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans, are produced more abundantly and more vigorously when fibroblast activity is enhanced.

Benefits of Morpheus8 treatment NYC

The following are some benefits of Morpheus 8 treatment NYC:

1) Ensure more collagen production

It is commonly recognised that beyond the age of 20, our dermis layer produces 1% less collagen annually, resulting in looser, more sagging skin that does not resemble our young appearance.

With Morpheus8 Manhattan, you may create and produce collagen in a new and better method, leading to skin that looks firmer, fuller, and younger. Morpheus8 can deeply penetrate the skin’s subdermal layer and thereby promote collagen formation from the ground up.

2) Diminished wrinkles and fine lines

The ageing indications around the mouth, forehead, and eyes can be improved by Morpheus8 Manhattan. Many patients experience smoother, firmer, brighter skin tones with fewer wrinkles after a few weeks of the surgery.

Due to the reduction in collagen formation that occurs with age, wrinkles and fine lines are a sign of ageing. Conversely, the practice of radiofrequency micro needling encourages the natural growth of collagen. As collagen production starts, the skin naturally grows more youthful and appears smoother and less wrinkled. It also makes the skin appear younger by minimising the visibility of stretch marks, scars, and big pores.

3) Minimise unpleasant stretch marks  

Whether they appear on the thighs, breasts, belly, or bottom, stretch marks are a common occurrence for most men and women.

With Morpheus8 treatment NYC, a novel treatment that breaks down fibrous and scar tissue, stretch marks can be eliminated by letting the body recover itself. Your skin is now considerably firmer and more elastic than it was previously.

4) Minimise the impact of acne scarring effectively 

In addition to treating wrinkles, stretch marks, and fine lines, Morpheus8 Manhattan is incredibly good at lessening acne-related scarring. To stop the body from overproducing skin oil, which encourages acne, the device is used to reduce or shut down the oil glands beneath the skin.

Scars left over after your acne has healed can also be treated with Morpheus8 Manhattan. It has been suggested that this therapy might smooth out the surface of your skin and minimise the look of acne scarring by approximately 50%.

5) Lasting results 

You’ll be happy to hear that Morpheus8 treatment NYC frequently produces long-lasting results. This is because the therapy deeply penetrates the skin.

Having said that, growing older is a constant process. This indicates that to continue reaping the benefits of Morpheus8 Manhattan, you probably need to undergo numerous treatments. On the other hand, you can experience results after three to six sessions that may last up to three years before further therapy is required.

Frequently asked questions 

a) Which area can be treated with Morpheus8 Manhattan?

Any location that can profit from sub-dermal regeneration can employ Morpheus8 treatment NYC. Treatment is appropriate for areas of the face and body with wrinkles, discolouration, or scars from acne. The face, neck, and belly are the most often treated locations; the latter is advantageous for tightening loose skin with underlying fatty tissue.

b) Is Morpheus8 treatment NYC usable by anyone?  

The colour-blind technology of Morpheus8 has the advantage of being suitable for all skin types. Unlike other resurfacing techniques, which frequently result in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, the special qualities enable the treatment of even darker tones with less risk.

c) When may I apply makeup following a Morpheus8 treatment NYC?

Makeup can be applied one to two days following the procedure because there is little downtime for the patient. Microlesions may appear a few days after treatment, and depending on the specifics of the regimen, patients may experience mild redness for up to a week.

d) How much does Morpheus 8 NYC cost?  

Typically, a single session of Morpheus8 NYC costs anything from $900 to $1,200. Treatments for the face and neck start at roughly $700 per area. The initial cost for a single session of Morpheus8’s stretch mark therapy is likewise comparable.


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